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Tuesday, August 4th

12:00 pm at the University Club

Public funds spent on jets and horses. Shoeboxes stuffed with embezzled cash, ghost payrolls, and incarcerated ex-governors. Illinois' culture of "Where's mine?" and the public apathy it engenders has made our state and local politics a disgrace. In Corrupt Illinois, veteran political observers Thomas J. Gradel and Dick Simpson take aim at business-as-usual. Naming names, the authors lead readers through a gallery of rogues and rotten apples to illustrate how generations of chicanery have undermined faith in, and hope for, honest government. From there, they lay out how to implement institutional reforms that provide accountability and eradicate the favoritism, sweetheart deals, and conflicts of interest corroding our civic life.
Corrupt Illinois lays out a blueprint to transform our politics from a pay-to-play-driven marketplace into what it should be: an instrument of public good.

For reservations, please call The Book Stall: 847.446.8880



Thursday, August 6th

12:00 pm at the University Club

Join Lorado Taft: The Chicago Years editor, Robert G. LaFrance as he discusses sculptor Lorado Taft who helped build Chicago's worldwide reputation as the epicenter of the City Beautiful Movement. In this new biography, art historian Allen Stuart Weller picks up where his earlier book Lorado in Paris left off, drawing on the sculptor's papers to generate a fascinating account of the most productive and influential years of Taft's long career. Returning to Chicago from France, Taft established a bustling studio and began a twenty-one-year career as an instructor at the Art Institute, succeeded by three decades as head of the Midway Studios at the University of Chicago. This triumphant era included: ephemeral sculpture for the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition; a prolific turn-of-the-century period marked by the gold-medal-winning The Solitude of the Soul; the 1913 Fountain of the Great Lakes; the 1929 Alma Mater at the University of Illinois; and large-scale projects such as his ambitious program for Chicago's Midway with the monumental Fountain of Time. In addition, the book charts Taft's mentoring of women artists, including the so-called White Rabbits at the World's Fair, many of whom went on to achieve artistic success. Lavishly illustrated with color images of Taft's most celebrated works, Lorado Taft: The Chicago Years completes the first major study of a great American artist.

For reservations, please call The Book Stall: 847.446.8880



Thursday, August 6th

6:30 pm at The Book Stall

We welcome back bestselling author and longtime Book Stall friend Kevin O’Brien for a talk about his latest thriller, No One Needs to Know. It’s the story of the murder of an actress and her family in a rented Seattle mansion in 1970 and the cursed on-location shooting of a film about the slaying decades later.

This event is free and open to the public.



Thursday, August 13th

7:00 pm at The Highland Park Library, 494 Laurel Avenue

Jon Butterworth was a leading physicist on the ATLAS project at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland and in his new book, Most Wanted Particle, he gives us the first insider account of the hunt for the Higgs, and of life at the collider itself the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, 17 miles long, 20 stories underground, and designed to replay the original Big Bang by smashing subatomic particles at nearly the speed of light. Writing with clarity and humor, Butterworth revels as much in the hard science which he carefully reconstructs for readers of all levels as in the messiness, uncertainty, and "humanness” of science from the media scrutiny and late-night pub debates, to the false starts and intense pressure to generate results. He captures a moment when an entire field hinged on the proof or disproof of a 50-year-old theory and even science’ s top minds didn’t know what to expect. Finally, he explains why physics will never be the same after our first glimpse of the elusive Higgs and where it will go from here.

This event is free and open to the public.



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