Book Club News

"No two persons ever read the same book." - Edmond Wilson
What helps foster community better than your local bookstore? And what could be more interesting than discussing books with a group of lively and engaging people? The Book Stall's monthly book groups feature a wide array of reading and a roster of talented facilitators.
Join us for:
This group meets at 9:30 mornings throught out the fall, winter and spring.  Watch for updates to the schedule for this coming year.
This group also meets throughout the fall, winter and spring months.  Watch for updates to the schedule for this coming year.


Adult Book Club
Our Adult Book Club works very similarly to our children's book club; sign-up someone special to receive a book monthly, bi-monthly, hardcover or paperback, and our staff will pick out an appropriate book to send along. 


Children's Book Club
Our Children's Book Club makes a great gift. Choose from sending monthly, bi-monthly, hardcover, or paperback editions. We'll find a plan that works for you! Our staff will pick a title appropriate for your child and send it on its way!

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