Thief of the Heights (Hardcover)

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By Son M., Robin Yao (Illustrator)
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Enter the world of Muqadas, where the climb to the top of this vertically stacked city—away from disease-ridden waters of the lower levels—is paved with betrayal, secrets, and rebellion in this debut graphic novel from author Son M. and artist Robin Yao.

Lifelong friends Basem, Mustafa, and Aarfah have carved out a place for themselves in their corner of Muqadas, where they dream of climbing from their place in the city’s lowest level, above the limb-snatching, disease-infested waters, to the very top of their vertical city. Young inventors who’ve seen firsthand the havoc the Habar infection causes set out to dazzle the masses with their innovative prosthetics and escape the dangers of Lake Saha.

When their inventions catch the eye of a scout who is on the hunt for new talent to bring to the higher tiers, their dreams are suddenly within reach. But as the wonders of the upper tiers enchant, Basem, Mustafa, and Aarfah begin to question why the bounty of Muqadas falls short of reaching Lake Saha's inhabitants.

Behind the beauty of the city's upper tiers lie dark and dangerous secrets—ones that threaten not only everything they’ve worked for but everyone they love. And when Mustafa and Aarfah are cast away for their allegiance to Lake Saha, Basem is faced with the difficult choice: Fight to bring justice to all of Muqadas? Or abandon his friends and fall in line to achieve everything he’s ever dreamed of?

About the Author

Son M. is an Algerian Amazigh Muslim writer who enjoys creating narratives in both prose and visual mediums. She specializes in horror, science fiction, action, thriller, and mystery. Son’s very passionate about comics, games, and animation, leading her to create stories in all three mediums. She draws her power from the Sun. You can find her work being published by Dark Horse, DC Comics, Vault Comics, and more. Visit her online at

Robin Yao is a queer Chinese American illustrator who loves to tell stories through environments and world-building—the rich narrative that fills the negative space around the characters in impactful and subtle ways—be it in games, animation, comics, or just about any visual medium that exists out there. Oh, and they have a penchant for horror. See their work at

Product Details
ISBN: 9780063067332
ISBN-10: 0063067331
Publisher: HarperAlley
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2024
Pages: 240
Language: English