The Social Capital Quotient: Your Tool for Designing a Legacy of Impact (Paperback)

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The Social Capital Quotient presents experienced concepts and solutions that affect change in two ways: personal introspection and organizational governance. Your leadership experience hinges on how well you've internalized your abilities and inabilities. In addition, the commitment of those that govern and supervise your work is required to aid you along the way. The question is: How does this happen if it's not happening? Before you take the leap, whether entering or exiting the leadership seat, use this tool as a reference journal and guide to help you cultivate and expand your personal leadership legacy while managing up the ladder.

Having both experienced successes and missteps, Augie and Justine authored this book with the reader-leader in mind. Fueled by 35+ years of experience in the education and nonprofit sectors, they felt the need to think innovatively in presenting ideas for colleagues working in high pressure public serving roles. Thus, the Social Capital Quotient (SCQ) conceptual model and framework were birthed with this first work focusing on backward mapping the tenure of your leadership experience, your legacy.

This first of four in the series brings forth solutions to retention issues by considering the steps for maintaining a legacy-oriented focus despite the challenges experienced in the "hot seat." Through their introspective and national research, the authors have made onerous concepts fold into a simple and easy playbook set up for you to reference at various stages of your journey. Now is the time to consider what social capital feels like, especially for those leading to cultivate a legacy uniquely designed for them.

Is this text and guide a magic pill that fixes all issues? No. In essence, we hope our readers will see there is no magic pill given the tenets of SCQ. Real change requires intentionality, ongoing reflection, and sustained effort. This tool will revolutionize standards that influence leadership practices and, in the process, help you be the leading character in your leadership story.

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ISBN: 9780578659923
ISBN-10: 0578659921
Publisher: Social Capital Quotient Inc.
Publication Date: November 6th, 2020
Pages: 142
Language: English