The Fixer Upper (Paperback)

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In this funny and sharp romantic comedy, a woman with a knack for turning her boyfriends’ lives around starts a professional service to help wrangle men, only to be unexpectedly matched with an old flame.

Ever since she can remember, Aly has been fixing everything around her: her parents’ marriage, her colleagues’ work problems, and her friends’ love lives are just a few examples. After a chance meeting with an ex who has gone from living in his parents’ basement to being a married project manager in three years, she realizes she’s been fixing her boyfriends, too....

So, Aly decides to put her talents to good use and, alongside two work friends, sets up the Fixer Upper, an exclusive, underground service for women who are tired of unpaid emotional labor. Using little tricks and tips, Aly and her friends get the men to do the work themselves—to get out of the job they hate, sign up for that growth seminar, do more parenting. Before long, a high-profile Instagram star hires them to fix up her app developer boyfriend. There’s just one catch—he’s also Aly’s childhood best friend and first love. As Aly tackles her biggest “fixer upper” yet, she’ll have to come to terms with their complicated history and figure out how much to change someone she’d always thought was perfect as he is....

About the Author

Lauren Forsythe lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and son, and a cat that gets more spoilt by the day. She works in marketing, studied English and Creative Writing at the UEA and spends too much time trying to work out how she can retroactively add pockets to every piece of clothing she owns. 

Praise For…

One of Reader's Digest's 30 Most-Anticipated Books of 2022
One of New York Post's Best New Book Releases
One of Bookstr's Predicted Viral Romances for August
One of USA Today's Best Rom-Coms of August

"Sweet and deftly plotted, The Fixer-Upper will have you rooting for Aly to not just get the guy, but to get it all." —USA Today

"This is for all the women who realize halfway through a long-term relationship that they’ve been carrying the entire weight of the emotional baggage. I can already tell you that people are going to relate to Aly’s storyline and can already see fans calling for a Netflix adaptation!” —Bookstr

"If you've got a problem, including a boyfriend in need of some serious motivation to change his life, Lauren Forsythe's The Fixer Upper is sure to give you some inspiration." —PopSugar

"There’s a lot to love about Lauren Forsythe’s latest foray into romantic, humorous women’s fiction. . . . The Fixer Upper has rom-com screenplay written all over it." —Reader's Digest

"Female readers, many of whom may feel that they carry the emotional burden in their relationships with men, will find that Lauren Forsythe’s debut novel, The Fixer Upper, hits pretty close to home. Billed as a 'sassy feminist rom-com,' the book is a lot of fun, full of cheeky one-liners and a cast of characters both sharp and heartwarming . . . . giving the reader time to ponder their own relationships while giggling at the absurdity of others." —Christian Science Monitor

"Forsythe displays quite a talent for dialogue in this engaging novel. . . . An empowering story about self-worth all women should read." Booklist

"Walking the line between rom-com and tale of self-discovery, Forsythe’s debut delights with sure-footed plotting and an endearing cast. . . Charming characters and quick wit make for a fun, breezy romp. . . [The] primary focus here is on Aly learning to love herself enough to stop putting everyone else’s needs before her own. It’s entertaining [and] readers looking for a smart, empowering blend of romance and women’s fiction are sure to be pleased." —Publishers Weekly

"Forsythe understands the contemporary romance genre and writes with confidence. With likable characters and good pacing, this debut novel offers a great second-chance romance." —Library Journal

"Aly’s desire to stop being a people-pleaser and start working on herself is relatable, and her journey to personal fulfillment follows a satisfying arc. . . . A pleasant [look] at the importance of taking responsibility for your own happiness." Kirkus Reviews

"By turns witty and tender, observant and heart wrenchingly romantic in a thoroughly modern way. I will be thinking about it for a long time to come." —Jenny Bayliss, author of The Twelve Dates of Christmas

"A wry, modern take on a rom-com, as funny and fierce as it is clever and warm." —Abigail Mann, author of The Wedding Crasher

"A fun, fast read. A sweet childhood-friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy that I could totally see being a movie!" —Abby Jimenez, author of The Friend Zone

Product Details
ISBN: 9780593422519
ISBN-10: 0593422511
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2022
Pages: 304
Language: English