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Serving the people of South Sudan

This is the Second Print Edition of Ramciel. Its release was slated for Spring 2020 in Juba. Because of COVID-19, we postponed and then cancelled the launch. Now, despite the ongoing pandemic, it is time to bring that edition to print. The content is wide-ranging and includes interviews such as one with former Vice President of Sudan Gen. George Kongor Arop, discussions of life in the diaspora, and attempts to keep our young people aware of our heritage as a nation. RAMCIEL is not afraid to take on issues; we have articles on the roles of women and the nature of tribalism in our homeland. And, Ramciel celebrates our best.

The goal of Ramciel Magazine is to Serve the Peoples of South Sudan by reconnecting South Sudanese who are scattered around the globe with one another and with our roots in South Sudan and to the experiences and lessons of the diaspora with your countrymen and women back home.

Many years ago, when I was a refugee in Kakuma, I resolved to become a journalist. I wanted to tell the story of my people, my country, and our struggle. I wanted to tell that story not just to the rest of the world but to our own people. I believed then-and believe even more strongly today-that the people of South Sudan had to learn to read and that they-we-had to share the stories of our struggles and successes.

It is only through communication that our nation can find its identity. It is only by sharing ideas and dreams that we can create that sense of unity that will be essential to national peace and prosperity. I believe that RAMCIEL MAGAZINE can make a significant contribution to our country and our people. Originally an online magazine, we have been developing our print presence in order to reach those who doesn't have access to the internet and attract advertisers from South Sudan.

South Sudan is a young country, but it is blessed with natural resources such as oil, gold, diamond, nickel, and other minerals. With abundant water supplies and good land, agriculture has great potential, and wildlife could help increase tourism. Recent studies by the Wildlife Conservation Society's country director for South Sudan indicated that South Sudan's wildlife population could be one of the largest in Africa.

There are many investment opportunities in South Sudan, but I am also aware that people might be concerned about safety. We have suffered much civil unrest during the last six years. Of course, that fighting scares potential investors. Thankfully, and with great appreciation to the African Union for its part, peace has been taking hold in the country. Right now, South Sudan is going through a major effort towards reconciliation and cooperation which we call the Re-Vitalized Government of National Unity. That national unity collaboration will rule the nation for three years before the national election take place in 2023.

During the past few years, I have visited South Sudan and witnessed the development of new infrastructure, of change, and of growth. South Sudan should be considered an investment frontier, a place of great risks but also great potential rewards. The current investors in South Sudan are mostly from the East African nations such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, and DR Congo. Other countries like Lebanon. China, India, and Egypt also have a major role to play in the new market. Of course, there are opportunities for investors from other nations.

Thanks to Africa World Book for making this print edition available for our readers. I am humbled and Grateful for your efforts.

Deng Mayik Atem

Founder & Publisher of Ramciel Magazine

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