Subtle POWER: A Guide to the Human Operating System for Intentional Leaders (Leadership #1) (Hardcover)

Subtle POWER: A Guide to the Human Operating System for Intentional Leaders (Leadership #1) Cover Image
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When addressing the question of what constitutes an effective leader, Gabriel Sakakeeny offers "Your job as a leader is to create and deliver an inspiring future of increasing value by causing effective action in yourself and others." At a time when many businesses, from multinational corporations to start-ups, are realizing that the prevailing paradigm of human resources management must yield to something more productive and successful, Subtle POWER - A Guide to the Human Operating System for Intentional Leaders, offers a fresh, reality-based collaboration structure founded on accountability, self-empowerment, and effective communication. The methodology is the result of the author's unique body of experience blending over thirty years in business as a C-level executive, entrepreneur, inventor, engineer, marketer, and consultant with forty years leading symphonic orchestras.

Subtle POWER contains a toolbox of logically organized foundational concepts. Building on this fundamental architecture, the author expertly layers ever more detailed concepts using familiar stories and helpful analogies to provide a succinct narrative. All the while, the chapters are structured so that, as new ideas are introduced and explored, previous points are integrated as a means to introduce subsequent ideas. Chapters conclude with a summary and exercise, Think On This, wherein the reader can begin to practically apply the new concepts to new competencies.

By exploring foundational frameworks such as The Fields of Existence and The Five Modes of Intention, along with several other key constructs, leaders and aspiring leaders receive guidance and wisdom on the way to becoming intentional, conscious, and ultimately happier and more successful leaders.

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ISBN: 9780989925112
ISBN-10: 0989925110
Publisher: Sakakeeny & Associates
Publication Date: June 19th, 2014
Pages: 200
Language: English
Series: Leadership