Dysnomia: Home Lies in Your Heart (Paperback)

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Book Sequel two of Dysnomia Trilogy. The journey and adventures continue with Layla from the first book, "Dysnomia, Outcasts on a Distant Moon".

After being together for a long time, Layla Jenkins and Shaine Dawson decide to take their relationship to the next level until he has been kidnapped. Now it is up to Layla to go and rescue him along with the help of her friends. But as the Ex Royal Commander goes to search for the Dark Prince, it brings her back to an old familiar place, which makes her question the decisions that she's made.

"Dysnomia 2 is an engaging dystopian fantasy that picks up where the original left off. There's such a familiar comfort in revisiting our old friends Layla and Shaine, and revisiting their rich fascinating world. Jenny Story writes in such a warm, personal way that brings the characters to life, you can picture yourself with them, following them through their new adventure. Highly recommend it "

Jason Harris Edwards, Author of A Grave Friend

Product Details
ISBN: 9780995311145
ISBN-10: 0995311145
Publisher: Jenny Story Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2021
Pages: 816
Language: English