The Little Book of Gold: Fundraising for Small (and Very Small) Nonprofits (Hardcover)

The Little Book of Gold: Fundraising for Small (and Very Small) Nonprofits Cover Image
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A practical step-by-step guide to fundraising that has helped thousands of small nonprofits around the country.

A Top 12 Must-Read Book For Nonprofit Employees.

The Little Book of Gold is dedicated to helping small (and very small) non-profits unlock their fundraising potential. Avoid common pitfalls and get tips on proven methods that work. This short guide helps new Executive Directors, active board chairs, and other key staff in charge of fundraising to learn the basics of professional and sustainable fundraising. Geared specifically for non-profits with small and very small budgets (a few hundred thousand dollars a year down to the smallest budgets).

Revised and expanded in 2011

Major Topics in The Little Book of Gold

Learn how to:

Board Giving

  • Approach a Board of Directors about board giving and "ask without asking"
  • Deal with different kinds of board members - those who don't want to give, who see themselves as "rebels," those who are already good givers, new board members, and more.
  • Set up monthly giving for board members
  • Increase board giving a year later

Asking Outside the Board

  • Ask without sounding desperate
  • Build more monthly donations
  • Get "loose change" donations
  • Set up online giving
  • Thank donors so they want to give again

Fundraising Events

  • Avoid events that suck your time for not-enough money
  • Get more money out of events you currently throw
  • Set up one of the most lucrative fundraising events that no one ever thinks of

New Grants

  • Be your best self
  • Find new grant opportunities easily
  • Get your foot in the door

Thinking Big

  • Build your donors from the year before
  • Set up donor levels without giving away too much
  • Stay friends with donors

Thinking Bigger

  • Evaluate whether your non-profit can handle a capital campaign
  • Make your organization open for planned giving

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ISBN: 9781088012093
ISBN-10: 1088012094
Publisher: Erik Hanberg
Publication Date: June 26th, 2011
Pages: 152
Language: English