Google Classroom: An Easy Guide on How to Teach Digitally in 2020 and To Manage Your Google Classroom Effectively (Paperback)

Google Classroom: An Easy Guide on How to Teach Digitally in 2020 and To Manage Your Google Classroom Effectively Cover Image
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Do you want to catch up with the fast-paced world of technology and get rid of the daily hassles of physical classes? "Then keep reading "

For the past many decades, the model of education was largely based on physical classes. This, of course, brought in its odds- the lengthy and time-consuming road trips to the college, the cost of travelling, plus the reluctance of leaving the house oftentimes. That was when the latest era of online classes came to the rescue. Online classes allow you the kind of atmosphere you need to learn from the comfort of your home. And among the many platforms therein, Google Classrooms have leapt ahead

Are you new to the Online World and not well-acquainted with technology?

Are you worried about the daunting set-up of Online Classes and have no one around to assist?

Do you struggle to finance your tuition due to heavy fee structure?

Then you are at the right place

Google Classroom 2020 is a book on all the prominent features you would need to know to explore this platform comfortably. It highlights the essential points ranging from updates brought about to the Classroom over the past few years to how teachers and instructors could set up their own Google Classroom. This book lets you discover how a Google Classroom is different from other typical online learning systems. It also educates about the various collaborations and integrations Google has made with various applications such as Nearpod and Alma to enable you to have a much vast exposure to Online Learning. In its distinct style, the book show's you what are the possible pros and cons associated with the 2020 version of Google Classrooms. It also bursts your bubble of myths regarding Online Education by demonstrating that the limitations of Google Classrooms 2020 are outweighed by their benefits. And last but not the least, with this book, you will get an insight into the pro techniques with which you will get the most productive results from Google Classroom 2020. Those instructors and experts who have followed these hacks are now at a big advantage

Inside this amazing book, you will discover:

Everything you have to know about Google Classroom and it's uses

How to set up Google Classroom correctly

The 13 Tips and Tricks that anyone knows, to use Google Classroom more effectively

Why everyone should use Google Classroom in 2020

And much more...

If you want to get as competent as your friends are in the use of Online Education and precisely, the Google Classroom 2020, then this book is perfect for you.

Do not restrict yourself at one place and depend upon the limited skills to get you good employment. Thanks to Google Classroom 2020 you will have all those necessary technical skills which will polish your resume and will elevate your employability status rapidly.

Getting familiar with Google Classroom has never been so easy before

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