How We Perceive Reality: Our Brain Defines Reality (Paperback)

How We Perceive Reality: Our Brain Defines Reality By Allan Arnold Cover Image
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The world around us appears solid and substantial-we can see, hear, touch, feel, and smell the objects and elements of our world. At the same time, everything around us is mostly empty space, as we know from having discovered the structure of atoms. Within this paradox lies the exciting mystery of human experience. How We Perceive Reality is a thought-provoking book that breaks down phenomena that we take for granted, such as how and why we see color. With our immense intellectual capacity and ability to interpret our surroundings, humans have unique opportunities to define and change the world around us. How we interact with the micro world of atoms and subatomic particles affects our relationship with the macro world and how we move through it. An accomplished text that skillfully blends philosophy and science, How We Perceive Reality asks the important questions that we too often take for granted.

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ISBN: 9781478798149
ISBN-10: 1478798149
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: June 16th, 2018
Pages: 34
Language: English