Behavioral Flaws and the Human Malfunction: Why Is the Truth Called Hate Speech? (Paperback)

Behavioral Flaws and the Human Malfunction: Why Is the Truth Called Hate Speech? By Seth Abrahms Cover Image
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This is a journey into the mind and life of humanity. From inception, the foundations of our consciousness, thoughts, desire, and actions are explained in entirety. You will learn the reasons for the many questions you have inside. There is only one requirement, first, you must learn to see reality. Most understand true happiness is not of ourselves. We cannot give ourselves peace. We cannot even know true beauty. This comes from an "understanding" of "Life" (the life inside). We cannot declare reality and Truth. And since we did not create reality, how can we proclaim what it is, or how it functions? So also, how can we proclaim our individuality from it? Thus, the concept of "self" within mankind is an illusion. Our "self" has resulted in ego-personal thoughts, desires, and actions intended to recognize, and believed to reward, us. Experience within the "unknowing mind" is an exercise in ignorance. Humanity continues to prove this condition on a daily basis. What are ideas inside minds, if not guesses from within ignorance to describe all which exists and all which should be done inside it? This is when we began deciding for ourselves, what is good and what is bad, what is correct and what is incorrect, what something is and what it is not. Now the world has become filled with many false assumptions, and also many superficial and hedonistic practices. The concept of "self" is the cause.

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Those who follow the Author of Truth will have the mind cleared to "Life". Theirs will be the eyes that see, the ears that hear, and the hands which write that which exposes the lies of those who hold their eyes closed. If your mind is open and in search of the Truth, within these pages you will find it.

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Publication Date: December 28th, 2020
Pages: 560
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