Exhibitionist (Paperback)

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Shortlisted for the ReLit 2022 Poetry Award

Smart, raunchy poems that are sorry-not-sorry.

One minute she's drying her underwear on the corner of your mirror, the next she's asking the sky to swallow her up: the narrator of Exhibitionist oscillates between a complete rejection of shame and the consuming heaviness of it. Painfully funny, brutally honest, and alarmingly perceptive, Molly Cross-Blanchard's poems use humour and pop culture as vehicles for empathy and sorry-not-sorry confessionalism. What this speaker wants more than anything is to be seen, to tell you the worst things about herself in hopes that you'll still like her by the end.

"Sticky, sad, and sultry, Exhibitionist is a merry-go-round circling back to the tender, awkward parts of ourselves. Molly Cross-Blanchard allows her poems to ask the reader out for ice cream, to fart at a dinner party, to sprawl out on a chaise lounge, stare through a dusty skylight and whisper that they think they may love you. And that love will be unmistakably mutual." --Mallory Tater, author of The Birth Yard and This Will Be Good

"Multiple orgasms appear in the first line of the first poem in Exhibitionist. Multiple orgasms, as a relative image or a practice, elicit everything from mystical worship to moral panic. Molly Cross-Blanchard understands this diametric power. She nods to this power with countless crisp and explicit images throughout her debut collection. Read her poems first to marvel at the well-crafted voicing of sexuality. Read a second time to appreciate Cross-Blanchard's beautiful charge of juxtaposition. Again and again, she places the erotic beside mundane so that both are transformed -- a dirty basement carpet becomes the backdrop of profound intimacy and gas station coffee acts as a symbol of self-discovery." -Amber Dawn, author of My Art is Killing Me and Sodom Road Exit

"If this book had a fragrance, it'd be a Britney perfume, any one of them really, but with hints of prairie in the dry late-summer, notes of the sweet ocean smell that passes through Vancouver when the wind gets high, and a fabulous pair of overalls." --Katherena Vermette, author of River Woman and The Break

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ISBN: 9781552454220
ISBN-10: 1552454223
Publisher: Coach House Books
Publication Date: April 27th, 2021
Pages: 96
Language: English