Escape from Nicotine Country: How to Stop Smoking Painlessly (Paperback)

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"The prospect of stopping smoking is scary as hell. I know-I've been there." So opens Escape from Nicotine Country, James Christopher's unique and uplifting guide to quitting smoking without pain or weight gain. A thirty-year smoker, Christopher gave up cigarettes in 1993, after a gradual period of individual withdrawal, exercise, and proper diet. Now he offers his remarkable and simple self-help program to all those who want to kick the habit.

While not weighed down with "just say no" rhetoric, overused shock statistics, or religious undertones, Escape from Nicotine Country goes against the grain of stop-smoking polemics by empowering the individual through motivational chapters. Christopher tells his own story of addiction and success in quitting. At the same time he promotes understanding of nicotine addiction and offers a simple solution to breaking the habit through reduction.

Christopher's program addresses many different types of nicotine addiction, the hunger that haunts those trying to quit, and the need for a healthy routine of exercise. The latter half of the book is an encouraging diary, which allows the reader to record the progress that will lead to a healthier, smoke-free life.

About the Author

James Christopher (Los Angeles, CA) is the visionary founder of the 100,000-member Save Our Selves (SOS), the well-established and popular nonreligious alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous, and the author of How to Stay Sober, Unhooked, and SOS Sobriety.

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ISBN: 9781573927512
ISBN-10: 1573927511
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Publication Date: November 1st, 1999
Pages: 368
Language: English