The Confidence Chasm (Paperback)

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Today's malaise is in large part caused by people who underrate themselves and others. People who dwell on weaknesses . . . escape from reality through cynicism . . . or accept put-downs and cop-outs as a valid way of life. The Battens - a father-daughter team - stress, instead, a positive approach to living. Knowing full well that you become what you think and what you say, the Battens offer a way for you to identify your own strengths - and those of others - and to build on them . . .a way to a richer, more productive life centered on strength, a sense of wonder, and trust. This exciting, mind-stretching book will show you how to gain more confidence in yourself and in your ability to level with others. In the process of learning to ask What can we do to make things better? instead of What's wrong? you'll discover new ways to relate to people of your own age - or other generations - with trust, despite differences in outlook, social customs, or even dress. That spells the end of the mythical generation gap. 'The Confidence Chasm' contains a proven blueprint for every employee . . . every manager . . . every parent . . . every child . . . every person who wants to fulfill his own potential for excellence and at the same time build open, trusting, supportive relationships with those around him. Right from the start, you'll find this book packed with practical guidance for creating a more rewarding relationship with family, friends, and business associates. You'll get levelheaded advice on such vital problems as: - Setting - and reaching - increasingly difficult goals. - Making employees happier - and more productive - by giving them hard jobs that make them dig down inside themselves for strengths they never knew they had. - Listening to others and understanding what they say and what they leave unsaid. - Helping to build a better world by developing compassion - untinged by expediency or compromise. - Avoiding despair because you're busy building a better organization, a better community, a better climate for global trust. 'The Confidence Chasm' will be especially helpful to businesspeople, teachers, homemakers, supervisors, ambitious college graduates, clergy, professional people - in short to anybody who wants to make their life more rewarding by relating to others with different backgrounds and viewpoints.

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ISBN: 9781592444281
ISBN-10: 1592444288
Publisher: Resource Publications (CA)
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2003
Pages: 192
Language: English