Fast Cash: The Young Adult's Guide to Detailing Cars, Boats, & RVs (Paperback)

Fast Cash: The Young Adult's Guide to Detailing Cars, Boats, & RVs By Jen Shulman Cover Image


The $130 billion music industry is booming, and the ones changing the game are becoming younger and younger. Take Jarett Koral, for example, the 16-year-old founder of Jett Plastic Recordings, or Mac Miller, a famous rapper who topped the charts at 19 years old. Any teen that takes interest in music and wants to channel their creativity into a career will find this book helpful. With details on career opportunities in the three main music industry categories record companies, concert business, and digital music any young adult will be able to find what they re interested in. This book covers everything from being the artist to being the producer. You will learn the basics of advertising as well as marketing. You will become knowledgeable about everything in the industry, including all of the possible career opportunities. We cover what it takes to be an A&R scout, an artist manager, a music editor, a producer, an audio engineer, a board operator, a booking agent, a composer, a copyist, and even an intern. This new book covers everything that many companies pay consultants thousands of dollars for. If you ever had questions about the music industry, this book is your definitive guide to the answers.

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ISBN: 9781620231692
ISBN-10: 1620231697
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group Inc
Publication Date: June 30th, 2017
Pages: 180
Language: English