An Oinkrrific Day!: A Musical, Bully-Busting, Barnyard Adventure (Paperback)

An Oinkrrific Day!: A Musical, Bully-Busting, Barnyard Adventure By Jean Voice Dart, Anastasia Yatsunenko (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Are you ready for an adventure? Jean Voice Dart's An Oinkrrific Day A Musical, Bully-Busting, Barnyard Adventure is a valuable, heartwarming educational resource for teachers and parents. This sweet, silly, and straightforward poem-story packs a powerful message of friendship, self-confidence, harmony, and love. The storybook and the accompanying An Oinkrrific Day Activity and Coloring Book teach:

  • Ten common farm animals (crow, cow, donkey, sheep, duck, horse, dog, cat, hen, chick)
  • Ten children's animal sounds (moo, caw, hee-haw, baa, quack, neigh, bow wow, cluck, cheep, meow)
  • Ten children's classroom rhythm instruments (xylophone, tambourine, wrist bells, maracas, ukulele, triangle, harmonica, cowbell, claves, and drum)
  • Common emotions and feelings (angry, sad, happy, brave, proud, loving, kind, sorry, surprised, sick, hungry, etc.)
  • Repetitive rhythmic rhyme patterns
  • The importance of a loving, supportive family and community
  • The importance of believing in oneself to follow one's dreams
  • The importance of apologizing and forgiving

Jean's rhythmic rhymes and Anastasia Yatsunenko's colorful illustrations introduce the reader to Bernie, the sensitive, posy-picking piglet, who must find an oinkrrific sound Bernie leaves his family, meeting ten different barnyard buddies who offer advice.

What will Bernie do? Can he find his oinkrrific sound? In a magical moment, Bernie quietly listens and discovers the truth. Children and adults of all ages will giggle and smile as they learn how to be true to themselves, follow their dreams, and listen to their hearts.

It's the oinkity, oinkity best place to start

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ISBN: 9781640858992
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Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: April 10th, 2021
Pages: 56
Language: English