Harvest of Hope (Paperback)

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Some may claim that they've had moments of d j vu, or the uncanny ability to see what is about to happen, like determining the end of a movie, or feeling like you have been somewhere before, based on nothing but intuition. However, what if you could acquire a prescreening of your future, would you? Or would you prefer whatever happens, happens without your destiny ever being revealed? Well, for Hope Wilson, that was never an option. Considering it both a blessing and a curse, she marches through life alone understanding those same premonitions will lead her ever closer to the man she will eventually meet and fall in love with.Often described as a selfless woman, Hope donates much of her time and money to the less fortunate, aiding anyone in need, even knowing her destined path is about to change. That is when John walks in, a man who is looking for his own purpose, while he himself searches for that one special person who will stand beside him through it all.With the love and support of her family and friends like Elvin, John's college roommate, and Liz, Hope's best friend, they embrace what life offers, with all the normalcies of life's twists and turns. And even though Hope strictly adheres to her rule of her not changing anyone's futures, they each optimistically focus on their tomorrows. How will it all turn out? Only Hope knows.

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ISBN: 9781662478666
ISBN-10: 1662478666
Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication Date: August 17th, 2023
Pages: 386
Language: English