Brian the Barrington Bear (MP3 CD)

Brian the Barrington Bear By Mark Blackburn, Alice Jowitt, Fiona Honan-Bowes (Read by) Cover Image


Brian the Bear belongs to a little girl called Mia. One day she takes him to a garden party, but sadly he gets left behind and becomes lost in the woods. he is found first by a family of badgers, who look after him. Then he is picked up by a dog, and takento a new home. One day he is going over the hill to the next village with his new family. Hettie the dog is carrying him, but then she drops him when she goes off to chase a rabbit. Poor Brian is left overnight out in the snow. Next morning, Mia his original owner is walking over the hill with her family. Miraculously she hears Brian cry out as she walks past, sees him in the snow, and they are reunited. Mia and Brian then spend a very happy white Christmas with each other

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ISBN: 9781665060240
ISBN-10: 1665060247
Publisher: Audiobooks Unleashed
Publication Date: December 15th, 2020
Language: English