Amy's Secrets: Parker Hennessy's Down Home Murder Mystery's (Parker Hennessy Murder Mystery's #1) (Paperback)

Amy's Secrets: Parker Hennessy's Down Home Murder Mystery's (Parker Hennessy Murder Mystery's #1) By Ken Johnson Cover Image
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Parker Hennessy is a former NYPD homicide who traded his badge in for a PI license. He also traded the NY skyline for the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.
Parker befriended a woman who ran a restaurant down the street from the repair shop his car was towed to after his car broke down.
He found her name to be Kelly Carrington and they had 2 things in common. Both lost family to a drunk driver and they both used to wear a badge. While stranded, Kelly showed Parker around the area. Parker found a third thing in common. She drove a 1970 Black Dodge Charger
She helped Parker find a place to live with a friend who owned a home with an apartment to rent. It was only supposed to be temporary until he found a permanent place. He liked living with the Satterfield's a lot. They were like family. All was good. Parker was elated how life was going

Parker was coming home late after a long day watching a clients wife cheat. He had plenty of evidence. Parker was exhausted. He figured he'd sleep in and take off the next day.

That idea and Parkers pleasant retirement went up in flames, LITTERALLY. Parker came home late at night after getting evidence for his present client to see his home engulfed in flames.
Tragically Amy Satterfield was found dead in her bed. Stacy, their daughter, was missing. Before the fire took over the building, fire fighters could not find her in the home, but they did not have a chance to fully search. When they initially had the fire knocked down, they could tell it was arson. When Brian came on the scene, as he was not home when the fire started, they determined it was arson with an obvious sign of accelerants.
Parker was questioning Brian with what he learned from a neighbor when he first came on the scene. Amy and Brian had two heated arguments. As Parker questioned him, a detective and two uniformed cops arrested Brian.

Parker and Kelly took on the task of proving Brian innocent. They believed Brian could not had harmed his beloved family.
But are they right? There were two heated arguments earlier in the day. That along with Brian was believed to be seen racing from his home in his pickup moments before the fire started. Brian almost was never out on a Sunday evening. An empty gas can was found in the bed of his pickup not far from the fire scene.
The police chief warned them a few times not to mess with their case. Brian was guilty for sure as far as they were concerned. The chief followed them around. Parker figured the chief thought they would cover up evidence.
One thing nagged Parker and Kelly. Brian reminded them how Amy was acting strange lately. She was irritable and pick fights. This was not her usually sweet and caring Amy. She was denying anything was bothering her when asked. Amy appeared to have secrets. Secrets she didn't even tell those closest around her.
Did Brian snap, being fed up with Amy's antics of late and come back to torch the home. It looked that way to the neighbor

Follow Parker and Kelly to find Amy's killer to unlock "AMY'S SECRETS"

About the Author

Ken served in the Army and was a volunteer fireman. He helped in an assist to save a little 5 year olds life. He carried her down a ladder when another firefighter handed the unconscious girl to him at the bottom of the ladder. He rushed her to an awaiting FD ambulance who rushed her to the hospital.

I spent most my work years foing factory and retail. It's not something to brag about. But I was mostly happy doing the jobs i did, but now I'm even happier. I hope you are happy reading my stories.

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Publication Date: November 14th, 2022
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