When I See You Again (Paperback)

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Allie Cunningham is blindsided by the unexpected when she begins to build a new life following a devastating divorce. She has plans, but those plans begin to unravel when world renowned composer, Lucien Dukaine, reenters her life. Against her better judgement, Allie allows Lucien to accompany her on a road trip through the northeast to the state where her parents fell in love.
An impulsive decision brings them to the coastal town of Haunted Harbor, Maine. Allie is completely charmed by the quaint little town by the ocean, and almost immediately falls in love with an abandoned cottage. She believes she's found her special place, but after buying the cottage Allie quickly discovers there's one hitch in her plans - she's not alone in her new home.
Lucien refuses to leave Allie when a series of strange events have him fearing for her safety. Are some of the locals playing tricks? Or, has something more sinister taken up residence in the cottage Allie's determined to make her home? Answers may lie in the past, but before Allie and Lucien can discover the truth, they must first face their own personal demons. As they struggle to accept what they cannot see, or explain, Allie and Lucien's relationship is tested in ways they never imagined. Will their love, a love that began with an unforgettable kiss, last forever?

About the Author

Christine Anthony is an award winning author and photographer. Her published short stories include "Cry of the Red Wolf," "Almost Hidden," and "Love Lines." "When I See You Again" is her debut novel. When not writing, Christine enjoys spending time with her animals on her farm in rural Missouri.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781667872759
ISBN-10: 1667872753
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: April 21st, 2023
Pages: 290
Language: English