The Curly-Tailed Adventures of Two Very Naughty Piglets (Paperback)

The Curly-Tailed Adventures of Two Very Naughty Piglets By Lesley Glover, Kalpart (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Lesley Glover, Kalpart (Illustrator)
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Meet two adorable piglets named Plumpkin and Penelope. They're cunning, intelligent, and constantly thinking of ways to escape and find food, which unsurprisingly always comes their way. Back at the farm of their new owner, the two piglets are not content to stay in their nice new pen, and soon find a way out. After they get caught, the farmer mends their fence. But before long, they find another way out and then the real fun begins It becomes a challenge between human and piglets: One trying to prevent escape, the others trying to escape, knowing that if they succeed, there will be a reward of food. Plumpkin and Penelope set their sights on the garden and the kitchen. But now that they've eaten so much, the piglets can no longer squeeze through the holes in the fence. Instead, they climb up the rails. Who will win this battle of wits? Lesley Glover grew up near Coventry, England, and now lives on a farm in Kent. She is a professional hypnotherapist and enjoys helping people find solutions to their problems. This is her second book. Her first was Tales from Down on the Farm: Bedtime Stories for Anxious Children. "This book was motivated by my mum, who would phone me every day to find out what Plumpkin and Penelope had been up to. In relating their exploits, I knew I needed to write them down. When my mum passed away, I wanted to do something she would have been proud of so I completed the tales. When I had finished them, I felt a great sense of satisfaction, as if I had completed a journey." Publisher's website: http: //

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ISBN: 9781681810744
ISBN-10: 1681810743
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: July 12th, 2015
Pages: 170
Language: English