Hope Dealers: The Calling, The Struggles, The Breakthroughs and The Community of Believers (Hardcover)

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"HOPE DEALERS is more than just another book... it is a global movement of hope to those who've grown weary in the struggles of life. Nadine leads the charge offering you insight and inspiration to never give up."
-Rudy Ruettiger, Inspiration behind the movie RUDY and Motivational Speaker

Have you ever felt like life was finally going well,

when suddenly life decides to throw you a curve ball?

Life will knock you down when you least expect it.

The important thing is not how or why we got knocked down,
the important thing is how will we respond?

In her early 40's, Nadine found herself to be a newly successful entrepreneur ... and simultaneously ... the mother of a heroin addict. This plunged her into an unexpected journey she could have never imagined. She used this situation to create an out -of- the- box therapeutic travel recovery project which later evolved into establishing a nonprofit serving those choosing to live a lifestyle of recovery. Later, in 2018, Nadine became the first recipient of the prestigious Rudy Ruettiger Award.


The Calling, the Struggles, the Breakthroughs, and The Community of Believers,

you will discover how Nadine found hope in the following areas:

  • Loved one struggling with addiction
  • Entrepreneurship and building a new business
  • Health struggles with ADD and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Loss and grief struggles

Don't give up hope... THIS IS YOUR LIFE

There's only one direction that serves and that is forward.

Surrounded by a community of believers,

let's make sure that we determine to find hope together.

Not only will you discover hope in the midst of your own struggles, but you will also experience joy and breakthrough by using your own story to bring hope to others.

Don't wait Read this book today and discover how you can become a Hope Dealer too.

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ISBN: 9781733002325
ISBN-10: 1733002324
Publisher: Hopedealers Worldwide
Publication Date: May 10th, 2019
Pages: 218
Language: English