SICKO The Stubborn Child of God (Hardcover)

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This is the true story of Sicko; a once-upon-a-time homeless kid bred in the west Bronx. Sicko's life details the timeline of a lawless adolescent mentally trapped within the limits of poverty. A gifted Indo-African, adapting to his environment year after year, to the extent of adding to the ugly statistics of high school dropouts in the region.

"Shaking that hood mentality wasn't easy. The streets was all I knew. I was conditioned to embrace poverty as home, and I still do. Follow me as I take you through some unbelievable conditions and hardships. But keep in mind that although it may seem as if I enjoyed my part in the despair, I was never comfortable there. I just couldn't seem to find a way out."

At the young age of sixteen, Sicko merged with a sibling to form a hip-hop group called the "Darkside Mob". Together, they inked their first recording deal and went on to travel the states. Performing alongside major industry artists, their fan base expanded quickly. Success seemed only a few events away. Suddenly, a stream of incidences occurred that landed them right back on the streets of the Bronx.

Along the endless violent path they chose to resume, he and his brothers took a turn for the worse. Burdens only got heavier. Encounters came in the form of war scars and prison threats. That's up until the authors desire for change. A transformation that was far from easy.

In this heartfelt testimony, you'll be walked through drastic measures, to better understand the damaging of a childhood that affected one's adulthood. You'll relate to the everyday occurrences that keeps humanity divided: racial encounters, segregation, discrimination, street wars, financial barriers, domestic disputes and so much more. Then we'll transition to the mindset of an entrepreneur.

"See, I was raised in the sour apple, where I've indeed savored my bitter share. So, prepare to receive a real-life account of how various negative pieces can be gathered and repaired. Prepare to be encouraged. This is my life...

Kwame King

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ISBN: 9781733572101
ISBN-10: 1733572104
Publisher: Victory Lift Publishing
Publication Date: October 15th, 2022
Pages: 320
Language: English