Tall Tales Told By A Short Man (Paperback)

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Tall Tales Told By A Short Man is a comedic novel comprised of whimsical, eclectic, eccentric short stories, amusing musings, and autobiographical material about the author...Michael Hunt.

But there's more to Tall Tales than "meets the eye." That's because some of its content is comedic commentary about a range of social and environmental issues, like: Climate Change, Veganism, Animal Welfare, and Physical Fitness.

And there's also content about UFO's, Time Travel, Robots, Hollywood, Investing, and Purgatory. And some historical events are recounted in TTTBASM as well. But the Tall Tales' recounting of these events may have been sprinkled with a little bit of "fiction" pixie dust.

And there's quite a lot of content about the author's home and native land...Oh Canada. These are stories about Canada you've never heard before. In fact, these are stories about Canada that Canadians have never heard before.

And as I mentioned above, there's some autobiographical material about the author. More specifically, writings about how his name, Michael Hunt, or should I say Mike...has impacted his life.

And it's important to note that TTTBASM introduces tactics readers can learn and teach to others that can be used to help us be nicer to each other. Because while it's true that we all come from different walks of life; and from different orientations; and from different cultural backgrounds; and hold different political beliefs. It's these very differences we should celebrate if we're going to call ourselves a true, democratic society. But I'll forewarn you that these pseudo conversion 'to more niceness' processes are somewhat unique. So be prepared.

And what I think is extra unique about Tall Tales is that I've written some of it like a stand-up comedy routine. Hecklers and all.

At this point if you're sensing that Tall Tales might be an atypical book, you're bang on correct. But my hope is that at minimum you'll find TTTBASM entertaining. And again, hopefully you'll see that there's more to Tall Tales than meets the eye. That's because we typically use two eyes when we read.

So please check out Tall Tales Told By A Short Man today. You'll like it

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ISBN: 9781777629113
ISBN-10: 177762911X
Publisher: Publishdrive
Publication Date: December 26th, 2021
Pages: 350
Language: English