The Wholly Book of Menus (Paperback)

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Wondering what to cook for dinner? We've got healthy menu ideas for an entire year

If you are looking for solutions to help you cook balanced meals, while spending very little time with meal planning, this is the book for you.

Organized to provide 52 different menus, this book follows a yearly calendar and gives a menu idea for each week of the year. Every menu has its own theme and is made specifically for the week it falls on. For example, the month of January can provide a winter menu and a slow cooker menu, summer has a picnic and a tropical menu, while autumn will showcase a Thanksgiving and a Halloween menu. All the popular cuisines of the world are featured with a menu as well - from Italian, to Greek, to French, to Korean, Indian, Lebanese and others and you'll even get to learn about Maori and Canadian Indigenous cooking. You'll fall in love with cooking all over again

Each menu contains 6 recipes. With very few exceptions, 4 of these recipes follow the different protein choices: meats, poultry, fish and vegetarian protein, in order to give you nutritious options for your weekly menu. Out of the other two recipes one is usually a soup or a salad that goes well with the main meal and adds extra vegetables to your daily intake. The final recipe is a treat. All recipes have been chosen because of their nutritious ingredients. For some of them, substitutions were made to help make the foods more balanced. Others were kept unchanged or relatively unchanged, out of respect for the culture that developed them. All recipes are designed to be enjoyed by most people, from those who are not accustomed to spicy foods to those who cannot eat without it.

All 316 main recipes come with a picture, in order to ease your decision about what to cook each week.

This book is written by a Registered Dietitian working with hospitalized patients and includes general tips for healthy eating, explaining the why and the how of fueling your body the right way. It is meant to give you peace of mind, knowing that only the most nutritious recipes were chose, while taking out the idea of good and bad foods and getting you closer to having a healthier relationship with food and eating.

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This book comes in a 8x10 (20.3 cm x 25.4 cm) format, for 516 color pages printed on standard color paper.

It includes 52 individual menus, clearly separated from one another. Each menu features 6 photos of the main recipes for each week.

All recipes are standardized - for easier meal prep, less time spent in the kitchen and meals that turn out the same every time. No need to look up and down several times as you cook so that you don't get lost in a recipe

Product Details
ISBN: 9781778290800
ISBN-10: 1778290809
Publisher: Roxana Nedelcu, R.D.
Publication Date: December 19th, 2021
Pages: 518
Language: English