Teaching With Zoom: A Step By Step Comprehensive Guide for Teachers and Beginners on How to Teach using Zoom (Paperback)

Teaching With Zoom: A Step By Step Comprehensive Guide for Teachers and Beginners on How to Teach using Zoom Cover Image
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Teaching without using online tools and resources can make a teacher's life very hard. Such a large part of your classroom time is taken up by the process of organizing student work, making sure all are aware of the upcoming assignments and solutions. It is not rare for teachers entering the world of classroom technology to be overwhelmed by the additional devices, electronic documents, applications, and classroom management strategies needed for students to learn successfully. Several teachers have started using Zoom to Teach Classes online.

In this book, you will learn:

  • What is Zoom and why is so Important to perform Online Meetings
  • The History of Zoom from the early years to now, and its role during Pandemic
  • The Key Requirements to use Zoom Effectively
  • How to use Zoom for Distance Learning
  • What is the best Pricing Plan for Teaching
  • Equipment Needed to Smoothly Use Zoom for Effective Learning
  • Step-by-step guide for downloading, installing, and make a new account
  • Discover all the Features of the App, the most important ones, and why you should use them
  • How to Set Up and Conduct Virtual Classes
  • How to Increase Retention with online learning
  • How to Schedule a Class
  • How to Invite students to a Class
  • The best way to Deliver a Lesson using Zoom
  • How to Set up An Assignment or Discussion Board
  • How to Record a Class for future usage
  • How to Avoid Noise in the background
  • How to use the Virtual Whiteboard
  • Guidelines for students (clothing etc.)
  • How to Deliver Assignments through File Sharing
  • How to Schedule Meetings
  • A selection of the most important Tips & Tricks
  • ... and so much more

Even if you think that most of these pieces of information can be found on the Internet, you'll find that it is totally untrue because this book is the result of a profound work of research done directly with teachers.

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ISBN: 9781801250450
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Publication Date: November 13th, 2020
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