Agamede: A Tale of Magic (Hardcover)

Agamede: A Tale of Magic By Gail B. Schwartz, S. C. Moore (Editor) Cover Image
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This fiction fantasy tween/teen novel for ages 11-15 is filled with magic, adventure, time travel, and historical figures in fun and interesting situations.

When thirteen-year-old Mindy finds a fishing float on the beach in Mumbai, India, she doesn't suspect the danger and adventure that will come along with it. She soon discovers that it is no ordinary fishing float, but a magic crystal ball, and that she has been chosen to save the world from destruction and chaos. Agamede, the magical being who takes the form of the ball in her dormant state, needs Mindy's help to stop an evil sorceress named Roxanne Evillovich. Roxie's diabolical plan is to use Agamede's powers to eradicate modern technology from the world and return civilization to the days when magic ruled, so she can enjoy her former glory once again. But first, Roxanne must locate her crystal ball, lost to the sea during transport from her castle in France to her new home, the Crystal Tower in Portland, Oregon-and with aid from her sorcerer friend, Rasputin, soon discovers that it has floated halfway around the world. Mindy's older brother, Robert no longer believes in magic, so she must travel alone through time and space on a quest for an ancient spell that will allow her to use Agamede's powers against Roxie. Mindy finds help along the way as she journeys through thirteenth-century Spain, the mystical Isle of Avalon, and ancient Egypt. Only time will tell if Mindy can retrieve the spell from the past before Roxanne reclaims the crystal ball and uses Agamede's magic to end the world as we know it.

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ISBN: 9781938281419
ISBN-10: 1938281411
Publisher: Castle Garden Publications
Publication Date: November 19th, 2014
Pages: 226
Language: English