Layer Up!: The Ultimate Glow Up Guide for Cakes (Hardcover)

Layer Up!: The Ultimate Glow Up Guide for Cakes By Yolanda Gampp Cover Image
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Layer it on. Layer it in. Level it up
In her newest book, beloved celebrity cake master Yolanda Gampp teaches you how to level UP your cakes by layering IN explosive flavors and delicious desserts.

In this ultimate glow-up guide for cakes, How to Cake It and Crime Scene Kitchen star Yolanda Gampp plays with flavor profiles and shares twenty-one "stuffed-cake" recipes (plus seventy-two delicious stand-alone desserts, toppings, and buttercreams) to help you level up your cake game and prove that it really is what's inside that counts.
Talk About a Surprise Inside. Sprinkles spilling out of cakes? That's great but your fave ooey gooey desserts, bursting out of cakes? YES You can expect an explosion of flavor (and actual desserts ) in every stuffed-cake recipe thoughtfully developed and rigorously tested by Yo herself.
Layers on Layers of Flavor. Modern caking is all about layering Each stuffed, "dessert-inside" cake recipe will also include recipes for other stand-alone desserts, such as key lime pie or cheesecake, that get sandwiched between or placed on top of delicious classic cake layers.
Stylish Cakes, Flavor First. The outside of these mouth-watering, fondant-free layered cakes are aesthetically aspirational and insta-worthy; however, the primary focus of these recipes is indulgent flavor profiles.
Big on Baking, Short on Time? Don't have time to make a layered cake? No problem The stand-alone dessert and cake recipes included in each stuffed cake recipe can be used on their own.

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ISBN: 9781938447808
ISBN-10: 1938447808
Publisher: How to Cake It Books
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 287
Language: English