Dear Allyanna: An Old Soldier's Last Letter To His Granddaughter (Paperback)

Dear Allyanna: An Old Soldier's Last Letter To His Granddaughter By Michael Lee Lanning Cover Image
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This final advice, thoughts, remembrances, and guidelines to life by a dying grandfather to his granddaughter offers "things that I have not yet taught her and experiences that I want her to know about and consider." Its poignant information and guidance, delivered with honesty, humor, and affection that is thought-provoking for all ages. It a book that every grandparent should write and every grandchild should read.

More than 130 widely varying subjects--from abortion to Zen, and from military service to writing--are included. "Some of these things I know for sure, others not so much. Some lessons have come easily, others with much angst, disappointments, and sadness. I have placed them in alphabetical order for no other reason than an orderly life is a good life--and that life itself is so complex and constantly changing, there is no other logical or illogical way to list them. Many of these "things I know for sure" and the "others not so much" are accompanied by quotes from the famous and infamous, lines from movies, song lyrics, and from my earlier writings and from my personal journals of the past fifty years.

"As I wrote this letter, I thought about all the things that I would like to ask my father and grandfathers if they were still alive. There are so many things about them and their experiences that I wonder about because I did not inquire when I could have. I do not want my grandchildren to find themselves in the same situation. My primary purpose in writing this letter is to leave something behind for Allyanna. My secondary mission is hopefully to inspire others likewise to leave a written legacy for their families.

"Doubtless many readers of this letter will not agree with the myriad of observations, advice, and opinions that I include. That bothers me not at all. I hope readers will feel free to mark out, scratch through, or otherwise eliminate those things with which they don't agree. Margins are good places to record opposing thoughts or expand on what I've written.

"If nothing else, my deepest wish is for you to have a good, safe, interesting life and to always remember that your grandfather loved you with all his heart. I will always be on your side and at your side as long as I live. After my death, my spirit will always be with you.

"When my time comes I will fight for every last breath, and for every additional second of life. But I will die in peace knowing I have done all that I could and fought for as long as possible. My last thoughts will be of you and the wonderful life you have before you. there are so many important areas of life for which I have not provided you advice. There are so many things that I want you to know. That is the purpose of this letter."

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Publisher: Michael Lee Lanning
Publication Date: October 17th, 2018
Pages: 238
Language: English