Gastric Sleeve: 3 Manuscripts in 1 Book - Gastric Sleeve Cookbook, Gastric Sleeve Diet Guide, Gastric Sleeve Recipes (Hardcover)

Gastric Sleeve: 3 Manuscripts in 1 Book - Gastric Sleeve Cookbook, Gastric Sleeve Diet Guide, Gastric Sleeve Recipes By John Carter Cover Image
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Give Your Body What It Needs After Gastric Sleeve Surgery...
3 Manuscripts in 1 Book - Gastric Sleeve Cookbook, Gastric sleeve Diet, Gastric Sleeve Recipes
Gastric Sleeve Cookbook:

Hopefully, your doctor and dietician advised you on starting fresh with a Gastric Diet. This book builds on that advice by providing recipes that help you recover from surgery and satisfy your cravings - even in small portions.

Enjoy a wide range of delicious and satisfying Stage Two recipes:

  • Soft and Pureed Foods
  • Ready-Made (and Home-Made) Smoothies and Shakes
  • Blended Meat Recipes

You'll even learn how to avoid common gastric sleeve medical complications

Gastric Sleeve Diet Guide:

When you open Gastric Sleeve Diet, you'll learn all the pros and cons of this life-changing procedure. You'll find out how gastric sleeve surgery compares to gastric bypass, the different procedures and methods involved, and what you should eat before and after the big day

This book describes the typical diets doctors recommend for the weeks leading up to gastric sleeve surgery. You'll learn how to choose the right surgeon, the (rare) risks and rewards of various treatments, and what to expect after your gastric sleeve procedure.

It's important to stick with the diet your physician prescribes after your surgery. In this book, you'll find out about the different foods you can eat during the different phases of your recovery.

Gastric Sleeve Recipes:

In the first two weeks after your surgery, you can only choose between a few basic liquid meals. This book starts in the third week - when you can start experimenting with more interesting ingredients.

Inside, you'll discover meals, sides, snacks, desserts, and drinks for each stage of the recovery process:

  • Week 3 Pureed Food Recipes like Beef with Avocado
  • Week 4 "Real Food" Recipes like Death by Chocolate High-Protein Pudding
  • Month 2 Recipes like Banana Almond Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • Recipes for Month 3-6 (and Beyond) like Braised Pork Chops with Sweetened Apple Rings

Remember - you must not cheat on your gastric sleeve/bariatric diet. Instead, get this book, follow these simple recipes, and stay true to your prescribed program. With the delicious options in Gastric Sleeve Recipes, you can come through your recovery with a smile - and a new, healthier body

Don't dread a bland recovery - get your copy of this 3 books in 1 today and plan a tasty, healthful recovery diet

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