Dog Separation Anxiety: How To Treat And Prevent Separation Anxiety In Dogs (Paperback)

Dog Separation Anxiety: How To Treat And Prevent Separation Anxiety In Dogs By Michael Bruno Cover Image
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20-40% of all dogs worldwide suffer from separation anxiety Is yours one of them?


Are you looking to put an end to dog's destructive and distractive behavior?

If your dog literally turns your house upside down whenever you step out, leaving him/her alone at home, it can be paralyzing to even think about going out to work, shopping, dates, visiting family etc. when you now you have to leave him/her alone at home for extended periods.

Have you had the misfortune of walking into your house, which you keep in pristine condition at all times, only to find everything topsy-turvy? The furniture is all over the place, not to mention overturned; your door frames have deep claw marks, window sills have bloodstained teeth marks and your answering machine has about 90 messages from neighbors raising hell over your dog's howls and endless barking?

If so, then you do not need too deep an introduction to separation anxiety... you've experienced it first hand, and know how unpleasant it can be. "Separation anxiety" is a mild label for what is destructive, even distractive behavior.

Thirty years ago, this phrase was not too common in dog training circles. Today however, it is rare to find a dog owner who has not heard or experienced separation anxiety. More and more dog owners are seeking out as much information on the subject as they can find so they know what to do when faced with the problem.

This book is here to help you put a stop to the annoying problem.

All you need as a dog owner or trainer is commitment to the process taught in this book

The first part will focus on what separation anxiety is (and is not), symptoms and misdiagnosis of the same.

The second part will equip you with functional information on steps to take, both preventive and not, to thwart this destructive behavior.

More precisely, you will learn:

  • How to correctly diagnose separation anxiety in dogs so that you don't mistake it for anything else like containment phobia and isolation distress
  • 20 reasons why your dog has the destructive behavior of separation anxiety whenever you leave him/her alone at home
  • False positives for separation anxiety you need to be aware of before concluding your dog has separation anxiety
  • Different dog breeds that are most susceptible to separation anxiety affects and what to do about each
  • How to effectively treat separation anxiety in your dog using any of 4 the different approaches I will show you
  • How to effectively prevent separation anxiety in your dog in 10 secret steps

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