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This is book number 1 in the Nomad series.


Read the novel voted Science Fiction Book of the Year*, now in development for film. Nomad is the first book in a new four-part epic from million-copy bestseller Matthew Mather.
Humanity only has days to prepare. Can one family survive?
SOMETHING MASSIVE IS COMING, and it's heading for Earth. That's what astronomer Ben Rollins is told by NASA after being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night. His first instinct is to call his daughter, Jessica, who's vacationing in Italy with his wife.
"It's a hundred times bigger than the sun," Ben tells them. "Somehow we can't see it yet, and we don't know what it is, but they're calling it Nomad--and in just months, the Earth may be destroyed."
But how did they miss detecting it until now?
The world erupts into chaos as the end approaches, and Ben discovers his wife and daughter are trapped in Europe.
The key to Nomad's mystery--and humanity's ultimate survival--rests in the answers Ben pieces together from his old Cold War-era research papers, in the midst of a desperate scramble across continents to find his family before Nomad swallows the planet.
A Coming Apocalypse...
A Mystery from Deep Space...
An Epic Adventure Thriller...
Backed by Real Science.

Nomad is the first novel in a four-book saga that follows one family's fight to survive on a new Earth after a whole new category of disaster, all the more frightening as the science behind it was developed by a team of astrophysicists from CERN, SETI, and the Keck Observatory. This sweeping epic comes from the mind of author Matthew Mather, whose novels have sold over a million copies and been translated and published in 24 countries.
* Voted Science Fiction Book of the Year by Authors on Air Global network (2 million listeners in 46 countries). Nomad has ranked as Amazon's bestselling book in the adventure, dystopian, hard science fiction, and post-apocalyptic categories, and Amazon's bestseller in the techno thriller and terrorism thriller categories.
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About the Author

Translated into sixteen languages, with 20th Century Fox now developing his second novel, CyberStorm, for a major film release, Matthew Mather's books are sold worldwide. He began his career at the McGill Center for Intelligent Machines, then started several high-tech ventures in everything from computational nanotechnology to electronic health records, weather prediction systems to genomics, and even designed an award-winning brain-training video game. He now works as a full-time author of speculative fiction.

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ISBN: 9781987942040
ISBN-10: 1987942043
Publisher: Matthew Mather Ulc
Publication Date: August 12th, 2015
Pages: 344
Language: English
Series: Nomad