Part 2: 1001 Would You Rather Wacky, Thought Provoking and Hilarious Questions: The Ultimate Game Book for Kids, Teens and Adu (Paperback)

Part 2: 1001 Would You Rather Wacky, Thought Provoking and Hilarious Questions: The Ultimate Game Book for Kids, Teens and Adu By Johnny Nelson Cover Image
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Would you rather spend your evening pulling teeth to get a good conversation flowing... or would you rather have your whole family in stitches instantly?

Life is filled with choices.

We make thousands of decisions every day -- some experts estimate around 35,000.

Some of those decisions are so small we don't even notice them -- which side of the street to walk on, perhaps, or which pair of socks to wear.

Others have the power to change our lives.

Some are difficult; some are fun... but they all require choice.

It makes sense, then, that some of the most popular games of all time involve making choices. Even a simple game like Connect Four is all about where you choose to put your counters.

Games about choice are fun -- that's a given. But they also exercise your mind and train your brain to make complex decisions -- skills that you then apply to real life without even noticing.

So it's no wonder that kids love Would You Rather? questions.

But if you think these questions are just for kids, you're missing a trick.

Sure, they're normally pitched at the under-10 crowd, but whether you're 8 or 80, Would You Rather? questions are a hilarious and engaging way to form meaningful connections and spark hours of debate.

For whole-family fun or a game you can crack out at an adult dinner party, you simply need a collection of questions that appeals to everyone -- no matter what their age.

In Part 2: 1001 Would You Rather Wacky, Thought Provoking and Hilarious Questions, you'll find a complete collection of questions that tick everyone's boxes. You'll discover:

  • 1001 hilariously challenging questions to get conversation flowing and laughter roaring
  • Questions grouped by theme -- so you can pick exactly the right flavor for the occasion
  • A wealth of questions throwing you deep into your favorite fictional worlds from TV, film and literature
  • Mind-bending Would You Rathers from the world of sports -- the perfect post-game activity for athletes and superfans kicking back with a beer
  • A delightful mix of questions ranging from the deeply profound to the utterly ridiculous
  • Holiday-themed questions for post-turkey hilarity at Christmas
  • Kid-friendly, teen-friendly and grown-up questions -- so you can be sure everyone's entertained (no matter who you have around your dinner table)
  • Seemingly simple questions that turn out to be more than they seem -- just one short question can spark hours of conversation and debate
  • Your go-to resource for ice-breakers, conversation starters and all-around entertainment

And much more.

If you thought Would You Rather? questions were just for the playground, think again.

These questions go leaps and bounds beyond the standard gross-out questions adored by kids -- they'll have you challenging your perceptions and questioning your very self... but don't worry -- the kids will love them too.

Best of all? They'll have the whole family in stitches -- and no matter how many times you ask them, you're sure to get a different outcome.

If you're looking for a hysterical game you can break out in every situation, then scroll up and click "Add to Cart" right now.

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Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
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