The Industrial Revolution (Campfire Graphic Novels) (Paperback)

The Industrial Revolution (Campfire Graphic Novels) By Lewis Helfand, Naresh Kumar (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Lewis Helfand, Naresh Kumar (Illustrator)


While we all know that large-scale industrialization began in the eighteenth century, the Industrial Revolution truly began in Germany with Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press. His innovation made it possible to mass-produce books, which spread literacy and knowledge all across Europe. It was in the eighteenth century, however, that manual labor started being replaced by what we today know as machines. First in Europe came Thomas Newcomen and James Watt and the steam engine. Then came John Kay and his flying shuttle, which led to the development of the textile industry. Then, in the United States, there was Robert Fulton and his steamboat, and Eli Whitney and his cotton gin. Finally, it was Henry Ford whose mass-produced vehicles made cars affordable to all. The Industrial Revolution continues to this day as formerly less developed countries, especially in Asia, have taken to rapid industrialization to improve their economy.

Lexile Reading Level 800L.

About the Author

Lewis Helfand is a resident of Narberth, Pennsylvania and grew up wanting to write comic books. His journey to figure out how to do that has involved everything from studying sculpture and politics to traveling through Spain and Denmark to writing about adventure sports and sword making. He is currently merging all these diverse interests writing graphic novels for Campfire. Some of his recent titles include the award-winning Nelson Mandela: The Unconquerable Soul, Mother Teresa: Angel Of The Slums, They Changed the World: Edison, Tesla and Bell, They Changed the World: Crick & Watson and World War Two: Under the Shadow of the Swastika

A resident of New Delhi, India, Naresh Kumar describes himself as a seeker who is continuously trying to learn as much as he can, and his art is an expression of his curiosity toward the world. A firm believer in humanity, Naresh brings an experienced hand to the drawing board, and his photo-realistic style captures the subtle emotions of his characters. His work features in a number of titles from Campfire, which include World War Two: Against the Rising Sun, Genesis: From Creation to the Flood, Julius Caesar, Martin Luther King Jr.: Let Freedom Ring, and They Changed the World: Crick & Watson.

Praise For…

"Helfand brings a propulsive optimism to this graphic account of the Industrial Revolution. . . Readers follow Kumar's clean panels as James Watt makes his entrance, then Eli Whitney, John Kay, Robert Fulton, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford." — Kirkus Reviews

"Illustrations are bright and colorful, and the writing style is very easy to follow and flows with the illustrations well. . . This book would be useful for teachers who are introducing the Industrial Revolution to their students as it gives a very good overview of all the different individuals involved." — Mary Hyson, Librarian, in School Library Connection

"Brief histories of such major inventors as Johannes Gutenberg, Eli Whitney, Robert Fulton, Henry Bessemer, and Henry Ford, focusing on each of their contributions to society. . . Kumar, along with colorists Ashwani Kashyap and Parveen Kumar Singh, provides the wonderful art that translates well the numerous breakthroughs and their impact. . . Recommended as a tool for reluctant readers who may respond to graphic novels that teach facts and history-based narratives." —Teresa Potter-Reyes, Helen Hall Lib., in Library Journal

"This week's book of the week isn't out till June but we just couldn't wait to tell you about it, it's THAT good! . . . Utterly perfect for reluctant readers who want something more than just a dry text book, or perhaps those are put off by the more 'jokey' and humorous approaches to presenting history, this is a scintillating journey through the heart of the black country and beyond and we really truly want to see more from this innovative series." — ReaditDaddy (Book of the Week)

"It's an all-encompassing text, going back to Gutenberg – a lot further than the regular guide to the industrial revolution might, but it makes sense. The wonder and power of the information that printers were then able to give us is the key to all the progress since, and it's what this book itself wants to latch on to – giving the inspiration of seeing how someone did something once, and creating the person who can do better in the future." — The Bookbag (UK)

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ISBN: 9789381182284
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Publisher: Campfire
Publication Date: June 6th, 2017
Pages: 92
Language: English
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