Vegetarian Tacos Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: 77 Recipes (x2) To Prepare Vegetarian Mexican Food At Home (Paperback)

Vegetarian Tacos Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: 77 Recipes (x2) To Prepare Vegetarian Mexican Food At Home By Adele Tyler Cover Image
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Are you looking for a Vegetarian Mexican Cookbook with Tacos Recipes?In this 2 books in 1 edition, you will learn how to cook 77 amazing vegetarian Mexican recipes and 77 recipes for preparing Tacos at home.

In the first book, Vegetarian Mexican Cookbook, you will learn delicious veggie recipes for Mexican Food.

Tacos. Burritos. Quesadillas. All these traditional Mexican recipes are delicious but also not vegetarian. Meat, pork and chicken are part of the Mexican cuisine and it's hard to find the traditional dishes without the most common ingredients.

Despite some restaurants are quickly catching up with vegetarian offers, the best way to taste the full depth of the Mexican flavors without the burden on the meat is to prepare them at home. Recipes usually are easy to be homemade executed and it will give you the freedom to taste tacos and guacamole without any animal product inside.

Being vegetarian is an healthy choice for your body and an ethic choice for your mind, but it doesn't mean that you have to give up to the richness of the Mexican cuisine. The flavors are given by the crunch mais, the creamy avocado guacamole and the spicy touch of the chili peppers. These ingredients are definitely enough to prepare tasty spicy and memorable homemade Mexican dishes.

In Vegetarian Mexican Cookbook by Adele Tyler you will find:

  • 77 recipes to prepare delicious Mexican Food
  • 77 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Mexican snacks
  • 77 vegetarian recipes for preparing at home Mexican dishes

If you like Mexican Food and you want to prepare it at home, this cookbook is for you.

In the second book, Tacos Cookbook, you will discover over 70 variation of one of the most famous Mexican dishes: the delicious tacos

Tacos. Yummy

Along side burritos, Tacos are the most famous Mexican dish and has a countless number of executions that can make it different yet traditional every time.

A taco is a small tortilla, made of corn or wheat, folded around a filling that can either be vegetarian or meat based, with large usage in the traditional recipes of pork, fish and beef. The garnish is usually made with spicy sauces and avocado, not forgetting the most delicious guacamole and sour cream. Guacamole in particular is made by avocado, japalenos, garlic, lime and it gives a soft texture to the filling, in contrast with the crunch vibe of the tortilla underneath it.

Tacos are perfect to be shared with friends and family and the combinations with different fillings are limited only by your fantasy. In this cookbook you will find 77 traditional and alternative recipes for testing your cooking skill and impress the people around you with strong smart flavors.

In Mexican Cookbook Tacos you will learn:

  • 77 recipes to prepare the most amazing tacos at home
  • 77 Tacos recipes for snacks, lunch and dinner
  • 77 recipes for Mexican Food easily replicable at home

If you love Mexican Food and spicy flavors, this cookbook is for you

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