The Constitution Crusaders (Paperback)

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The USA no longer exists.

Instead, stands the Great Nation. With free health care, strict eco regulations, free education, and plenty of food to go around, no opportunity goes unreceived. Many call it paradise--Grace Washington certainly does.

Daughter of the Great Nation's Secretary of Defense, Grace was raised to love her country, as well as taught how to defend it. Her father taught her everything, from combat to military strategy, sending her to the Great Nation Military Academy well prepared. In no time, she rises to the top of her class, being the most creative and resilient student the academy has ever seen.

Because of this, when Grace's father suddenly falls into a coma, Grace is asked by the president herself to take his place as the Secretary of Defense. It's a daunting and complicated task, only complicated further when a rebel group called the CC surfaces, and with it, brings a new perspective. This organization, run by teenage descendants, was formed by the USA's Founding Fathers to ensure that the people will always receive the rights that they fought for. Not only is the Great Nation supposedly in violation of this, but Grace is a descendent herself of First President George Washington.

With this information, comes a choice: Stay loyal to the country she's always loved or side with the group she has just discovered. Stay in the Great Nation and pursue a relationship with the like-minded boy that she has feelings for. Or will she embrace new relationships, new friends, and a new boy who challenges her entire way of thinking?

And most of all, will she step into her father's shoes as the military leader of the Great Nation or follow in the footsteps of her ancestor and lead the CC in a revolution that she didn't even know they needed?

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ISBN: 9798885402934
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: June 9th, 2022
Pages: 302
Language: English