Recovery from Food and Other Addictions (Paperback)

Recovery from Food and Other Addictions By Joanne Dicesare Cover Image
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Joanne starved herself for years to numb her feelings and became anorexic.

Then, in an attempt to restore her health, she began compulsive binge eating to fill the overwhelming emptiness in her heart and soul. She binged and purged, which led to obesity and the further decline of her health. Follow her secret three-decade journey of eating disorders that ruined her relationships and almost her life while laughing and crying as she uncovers their origin as well the true meaning of life in her fight for health and happiness.

If you use food for comfort as a distraction from pain, overpowering emotions, or loneliness, you jeopardize your physical and emotional health. How

can you expect to have a loving and rewarding life if you don't value yourself or your loved ones enough to overcome your addictions? Joanne DiCesare's Recovery from Food and Other Addictions provides an inspiring, fresh, yet stark perspective to understanding and overcoming addictions. Recovery is attainable when the basic requirements of change are broken down into logical steps along with practical examples for today's society. She candidly shares the disturbing thoughts that propelled her addiction as well as confronting and navigating fears of unworthiness and the unknown and the obstacles to recovery

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ISBN: 9798887385914
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: June 30th, 2023
Pages: 218
Language: English