Before the Rooster Crows Twice: A Novel Inspired by True Events (Paperback)

Before the Rooster Crows Twice: A Novel Inspired by True Events By C. Arden Michaels Cover Image


"Sarah and Stuart ignored Robbie's warning. She typically perked up her ears whenever Robbie had something arousing to say about fortune-telling. Not today, though. They were well into the journey and Sarah was not about to turn back."

What really happens when one walks a different path than that which is intended? Taking a wrong turn can lead to exciting experiences - or dark places of self-destruction. Sarah Gallus steps off the narrow road and finds herself in an unfamiliar world of forbidden pleasures. She meets and falls for two mysterious and deceitful men who charm their way into her heart. The rabbit hole of sin she enters ultimately leads her to the desert where a supernatural occurance takes place. Sarah faces fighting for her life, which has fallen into the hands of evil forces, as well as those of her new trusted friends.

Inspired by true events, Before the Rooster Crows Twice, is one woman's tragic story of loss on many levels and her struggle to get back on the right path after desiring to sample a darker unknown. Her desperate cry for help does not go unheard, but not all those who hear her have good intentions.

Before the Rooster Crows Twice is filled with intrigue, suspense, and revelation. A step in the wrong direction could lead to an ominous dimension. Forces of good and evil are stirred up! Can anyone escape the conflict alive?

Readers who enjoy suspense with a bit of romance mixed in will love Before the Rooster Crows Twice. Expect the topic of spiritual warfare, suggestive sexual content, and alcohol use. For ages 17 and up, male and female audiences.

About the Author

C. Arden Michaels is a former news director, anchor, reporter, and radio announcer, as well as published poet and magazine writer. Michaels is the winner of several journalism awards and was a board member of the Maine Association of Broadcasters. Time is spent in California and Maine with dog Bogart.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798986129402
Publisher: Big Red House Publishing
Publication Date: April 12th, 2023
Pages: 356
Language: English