Raven's Call: Raven's Call (Paperback)

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The Raven series is about Redemption and Temptation. Raven, having seen a vision of the Blade of Light, believes himself to be the chosen one. He believes it's his destiny to find the sword of kings and rule. When Raven failed to find the sword, he choose to lead bloody revolution to seize the crown by any means. Defeated, Raven is left cursed. Wondering the land for decades without rest. Until he had given up all hope of find the sword and being king. It was then that a young man stumbled into Raven's life. This is where the first book begins.

At the base of a giant oak tree, a young Half-Elf named Edwin knelt between his parent's graves. Edwin could hardly remember his Elvin mother's face. She had died while he was still a child. He gripped her sword, the Blade of Light, tightly. It was all he had to remember her by. For years, Edwin watched his Human father grow old while he stayed young. Listening to his father's stories of the world beyond their forest home. Tales of dragons, bandits, undying, and the Esa; The sworn defenders of the light, but to them Edwin was a mutt. A mongrel dog born from an unholy union. The sword was forged by the Esa, and they would do anything to reclaim its power, but Raven found him first.

Raven brings Edwin into his company of forgotten outlaws. Whisper a female elf assassin disguised as a man. Mirage and Hairloom, a pair of escaped slaves. Mirage's wild magic enabled their escape. Before Hairloom, a Minotaur warrior, carried his only friend to safety. As Raven seeks to understand how Edwin can effortlessly control the sword of kings, Raven's men start to take a liking to this young hero.

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ISBN: 9798988229605
Publisher: Shadowwood Publishing
Publication Date: April 21st, 2023
Pages: 374
Language: English
Series: Raven