A Yellow House In The Mountains (Hardcover)

A Yellow House In The Mountains By Glenn L. Hileman Cover Image
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Lyle is a struggling teenager with low self-esteem. His poor decisions reinforce his reputation as a troublemaker. Marylin arrives at a new high school and navigates the challenge of fitting in. When Lyle sets his eyes on the new girl at school, he is smitten. He is determined to win Marylin's affection.

Eventually, Lyle convinces Marylin to give him a shot, and a relationship follows. Their story together is filled with obstacles, but their commitment to one another provides the foundation for a lifetime of happiness. Together, they dream of a family and a destination to gather friends and loved ones. Against all odds, they secure both.

A Yellow House In The Mountains is a story of overcoming adversity. Lyle and Marylin lean on each other to build a legacy never to be forgotten. Challenges come early and often, yet, their determination and faith push them forward in pursuing their dreams.

The events of October 21, 2020, were historical and costly. By the end of the day, more than 193,000 acres and more than 400 homes were consumed in the East Troublesome Fire, Colorado's fastest-moving fire in history. Lyle and Marylin understood living in their mountain paradise had risks. How would they prepare? What actions could they take? Did their preparations make a difference when the fire arrived on their doorstep? Their approach to the oncoming fire was consistent with their approach to other challenges in their lives...they faced it together.

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ISBN: 9798988822813
Publisher: Glh2 Holdings LLC
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2024
Pages: 262
Language: English