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An accessible guide to understand what trauma is, how PTSD is diagnosed, being aware that it can have a late onset, what can happen if it goes untreated--and how social media can be triggering our trauma

Recovery from trauma and PTSD is an especially vital topic these days. Trauma is emotional stress that can stem from a wide variety of upsetting experiences, leaving us feeling anxious, weighed down by negative emotions or memories, or feeling like we lack security. No one's experience and recovery from it is the same. In Traumatized, as both a licensed clinical therapist and YouTube creator, Morton shares a unique perspective on trauma in the modern age, weaving the link between trauma and social media throughout the book--both the positive (how social media promotes mental health awareness) and the dark side of how social media can spread trauma.

What social media platforms or accounts are detrimental to our mental health? How can we start paying attention to how we interact with them? What are the best ways to limit the amount of time we spend on certain sites or even unfollow accounts that seem to trigger that trauma response? Traumatized shares tools to manage what we (and our children) can see online.

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ISBN-13: 9780306924347
Publisher: Hachette Go
Publication Date: September 6th, 2021