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The bestselling author of The Science of Happiness delivers a book “suffused with genuine wonder and affection for the beauty of particle physics” (Foreword Reviews).

A single rose suggests the sublime interdependence of all life. A sudden storm points to the world’s unpredictability. A marble conjures the birth of the cosmos.

How to Love the Universe shows us how everyday objects and events can reveal some of the deepest mysteries in all of science. In ten eye-opening chapters of lyrical prose, Stefan Klein contemplates time, space, dark matter, and more, encouraging us to fall in love with the universe the same way scientists do: The more we know about twenty-first-century physics, the more enchanting our world becomes. You won’t look at a rose the same way again.

“Cosmic inflation and warped space, the measurement of time, and the search for dark energy are all examined in thoughtful, accessible language that brings ideas to vivid life. Klein’s latest work encourages readers to think, consider, and give in to scientific fascination.” —Publishers Weekly

“In this finely written book, Stefan Klein brings a poetic and distinctive perspective to some fascinating fundamental questions.” —Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal

“Klein sets forth to share the poetry of the universe and succeeds, offering a grounding in the science and beauty that comprises the world around us. The text is easily attainable to casual readers and scientists alike, and will help both to understand the universe better.” —Library Journal

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ISBN-13: 9781615195084
Publisher: The Experiment
Publication Date: November 26th, 2018