Hacks for the New World: How to Live and Work in the Age of Sheltering-at-Home—and Beyond

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The global pandemic has transformed the way we live and work. Offices are closed. Children attend virtual school from home. Restaurants, gyms, and yoga studios have shuttered indefinitely. If there is one thing we’ve learned from this, it’s that the rules have changed—and we need a new playbook. Alyssa Rapp is up to the task.

In her follow-up to the bestselling Leadership and Life Hacks: 100 Tips for Achieving Your Goals with Maximum Efficiency and Impact, Alyssa offers a guidebook for navigating the new world. She shares 19 hacks for home and 19 hacks for work, strategies she has developed within her family and her company to powerful effect. Whether you’re leading a Zoom call or trying to keep your eight-year-old focused, there’s a hack for you.

This book is a lifeline during uncertain times. If we all row together, we can make it to the other side. With this book, you’ll learn just how to survive—and thrive—as you shelter at home.


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