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About the book:

Newsboy is a captivating chronicle of a child’s efforts to come to grips with the momentous stories he tracks in the Tribune through this turbulent period, including the collapse of the 1969 Cubs, the Chicago Seven trial, and notorious Illinois corruption scandals. The memoir is also an intimate portrayal of his route and customers, in particular the elderly residents of the Chimney Apartments, from a bygone era when paperboys came to the door of each subscriber both to deliver and to collect.

About the author:

Gary Cole began his paper route for the Chicago Tribune in 1968, at the age of eight.  Within weeks after he started his route, Martin Luther King was assassinated. As a young boy growing up in a tranquil suburb who had not previously been exposed to the news, he was stunned by the ensuing explosion of events that made the headlines of the Tribune:  riots across the country, the shooting of Robert Kennedy, and the chaos of the Democratic National Convention, among others.



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